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Access Models

High-Profile Certificate Programs and Workshops for Anyone

The Information Integrity Academy offers its programs to anyone – to individuals and groups or to institutions, like Universities, schools or companies. Find below more specific information on our pricing models, on seasonal discounts and special offers.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find the right offer.


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Everyone can do it!

Our classes are open to anyone. No matter whether you are an editor, a researcher, a student, or a librarian, just click the „Join" button, register and you can access your course right away!

Everyone can afford it!

There is a suitable offer for every user. The Academy offers special rates for pupils and students, or group rates aimed at classes or entire Institutions. Check out our discounts!

Everyone can use it!

Whether you are just beginning your education or already teaching others, you need the expertise to assess  information and make  decisions. Our courses teach you the skills you need as an information professional.

Our Offers - Customized to your Needs!

Module Access: Student Rates

Module Access: Regular Rates

Module Access: Institutional Rates

- $ 199 for full access to one of our modules

- Free exam and certificate

- Individual consultation is included in the price

- For access to student rates, please get in touch

- $ 249 for full access to one of our modules

- Graded exam and certificate included

- Individual consultation and access to learning groups

- 300+ Participants – 30% Discount

- 200 Participants – 20% Discount

- 100 Participants – 10% Discount

Workshop Access: Student Rate

Workshop Access: Regular Rate

Workshop Access: Group Rate

- $ 109 for a two hour workshop

- For access to student rates, please get in touch

- $ 125 for a two hour workshop

- Learn in a small group and with your personal instructor

- 20 Participants – 30% Discount

- 10 Participants – 20% Discount

- 5 Participants – 10% Discount

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Use the certificate to prove your knowledge!

Certificates help you prove your knowledge in a field. Whether you are a student, researcher, professor, or academic writer, certificates  demonstrate your professional expertise and help to build confidence.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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