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Earn your Certificate Now!

Granted by the Information Integrity Academy

The Information Integrity Academy is pleased to offer this comprehensive certificate program on research integrity. With this program, you have the opportunity to combine courses on various topics related to research integrity, such as  plagiarism and image manipulation. 


To earn a certificate, you should complete the respective module of the certificate program with the final exam.


Everyone can do it!

Our classes are open to anyone. No matter whether you are an editor, a researcher, a student, or a librarian, just click the „Join" button, register and you can access your course right away!

How to get a certificate?

1. Choose the module that is relevant for you.

3. Access the educational materials.

5. Complete the final exam successfully.

2. Apply to the module.

4. Complete all steps and tasks online.

6. Receive your certificate!

Certificate_InfoAcademy_HUSiegel Kopie.jpg
Use the certificate to prove your knowledge!

Certificates help you prove your knowledge in a field. Whether you are a student, researcher, professor, or academic writer, certificates  demonstrate your professional expertise and help to build confidence.


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